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2019 Season

2019 was my second season on big tracks riding a Standard Moto3, a long way from my GP70 that I was riding only two years ago with Coolfab. With a brilliant few days testing at the pro-test in Cartagena I felt more comfortable going into the season which was a good start, followed by many podiums in the second half of the year and even a race win at Knockhill in the British Championship.

The British Talent Cup was slightly more challenging with bike setup, but I still managed to achieve some good lap times and learnt so much through the experience and I even got to race at the Czech GP. It really was quite a season for me! I’m now looking forward to 2020 with the new British Talent Cup format for hopefully another successful season.

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About Me

My name is Harvey Claridge and I race motorbikes, I have been racing motorbikes for 5 years now and have been lucky enough to win a few trophies in that time.

My family are very supportive and have been behind me all the way, it does help that my dad is an ex biker racer and he gives me advice.

I have listed below a brief summary of the last 5 years of my racing

4.2 Novice – Race Results 2014  (Total number of races: 15)

Overall Championship Placing: 6th
**(I missed the first 3 races of this season)

Mini GP50 – Race Results 2015 (Total number of races: 27)

Overall Championship Placing: 7th

Mini GP50 – Race Results 2016 (Total number of races: 24)

Overall Championship Placing: 1st

Mini GP70 – Race Results 2017 (Total number of races: 24)

Overall Championship Placing: 1st

BSB MotoStar – Race Results 2018 

Overall Championship Placing: 18th

BTC – Race Results 2018 (Total number of races: 12)

Overall Championship Placing: 21st – Highest Finish: 9th

BSB MotoStar – Race Results 2019

Overall Championship Placing: 4th – 7 Podiums (1 x First, 5 x Second and 5 x Thirds)

BTC – Race Results 2019 (Total number of races: 12)

Overall Championship Placing: 10th – Highest Finish: 6th