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This is the website for Harvey Claridge and his bike racing!

On here you will find information about my racing and I will keep it up to date with my progress.

You will find at the bottom of this page a blog that will have all the latest news and it would be great to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave me a message on there.

Thanks for looking!

About Me

My name is Harvey Claridge and I race motorbikes, I have been racing motorbikes for 5 years now and have been lucky enough to win a few things in that time.

My family are very supportive and have been behind me all the way, it does help that my dad is an ex biker racer and he gives me advice.

I have listed below a brief summary of the last 4 years of my racing.

To Date: 86 races over 12 different circuits and 1 Championship* and selected for the British Talent Cup 2018.

4.2 Novice – Race Results 2014  (Total number of races: 15)

Overall Championship Placing: 6th
**(I missed the first 3 races of this season)

Mini GP50 – Race Results 2015 (Total number of races: 27)

Overall Championship Placing: 7th

Mini GP50 – Race Results 2016 (Total number of races: 24)

Overall Championship Placing: 1st

Mini GP70 – Race Results 2017 (Total number of races: 24)

Overall Championship Placing: 1st